Meet the Owner

Hi! I’m Samm with two m’s, and along with my hubby and fur babes, I own this lil shop called Mully & Mo's. My husband, the man God planned for me, my epic Jane Austen-esque love, is a born and bred Chicagoan, and I’m a tried and true Yooper; I put ketchup on my hotdogs, and he does not. We met when I was teaching on the South Side of Chicago and he was working security, but when we got married, we moved back home. Jobs were scarce, and so after a year of working for the local paper, tutoring, and helping my family's company, I decided I needed a creative outlet of my own. My mom said to me one day, "Why don't you open up a shop?" and so, I did. It wasn't that easy, of course, but it's been an adventure of a lifetime. A few fun facts about me:

*The best tiramisu I’ve ever had was in a little café across from Notre Dame, as I wrote out my thoughts to the sound of the rain.

*I have naturally curly hair, thousands of freckles, and while only in my 30s, dozens of greys that I’m oddly proud of.

*I wore keds at my wedding and chucks at my college graduation.

*Through health struggles, infertility, deaths that rocked me to my core and the natural growing pains that come with life, 2021 + 2022 were the hardest years of my life, and a time I constantly found myself between Grief and Glory, but those years also taught me more about myself than I ever knew.

*I really love chicken.

I’m so thankful you’re here, and can’t wait to continue showing you all our little store has to offer.

Meet Mully & Mo...and Minno too!

People often ask me, "Are you Mully, or Mo?" I smile and say neither - they're our pets! Before we opened, I spent months trying to come up with a name - one that had meaning but was cute and unique. When I settled on "Mully + Mo's", it was for our pup and kitty.

Sir Hercules Mulligan, a spunky mini goldendoodle, is named for a Revolutionary War spy (yes we do love Hamilton haha), and has grown up in the shop - so much so that at first he had to wear a diaper! Mully comes to work with me almost every day. He is everyone's favorite greeter, and loves getting pets from his favorite customers. Our amazing delivery guys all bring him treats, and even teach him tricks, like how to shake.

Mr. Mosley was named for one of my favorite Downton Abbey characters, and like his namesake, was quite unique. He was my little buddy since I graduated college - my gift to myself - and my sole companion until I met my husband. Once Rob came into our lives, he quickly latched on to him and became a daddy's boy. Mo thought he was a dog, and when Mully joined our family, he thought so even more. He would beg for scraps, drink from the toilet, and come to his name. When we unexpectedly lost him in 2021, just a few short weeks after I lost my Gram, we were devastated, but having the shop named for him felt in some small way like he was still with us.

More than 6 months passed, and both Rob + Mully's hearts needed a buddy and brother once again - mine wasn't quite ready, but I knew theirs were - enter Minnie Minoso, aka Minno. He came into our lives and helped fill the void that Mo had left, for us and Mully too. Though we couldn't name him Mo, we could keep the "M" tradition, and remember my Gram at the same time through her favorite baseball player's namesake. Minno was a stray for his entire short life before us, with missing teeth and a frostbitten ear, his scrappiness kept him alive. He has now fully embraced the cushy house cat lifestyle, however, and watches his automatic feeder for hours waiting for food, flips on his back for belly rubs, and plays tag with his brother.

learn a bit more about Samm + Mully learn a bit more about Samm + Mully learn a bit more about Samm + Mully learn a bit more about Samm + Mully learn a bit more about Samm + Mully learn a bit more about Samm + Mully learn a bit more about Samm + Mully
  • favorite places to travel

    I've backpacked Europe, gone on mission trips, and traveled throughout the US, but no matter where I go, Kauai, HI is my favorite. Maybe it's because it reminds me of my grandparents, or my honeymoon, but it's my haven. Mully is a bit more down to earth - his favorite place is Grandma + Grandpa's house to visit cousin Tucker and Auntie Kenzie.

  • what we're listening to

    Lately we've been listening to a lot of chill folk in the shop , but my favorite band is "The Civil Wars", and whenever I'm feeling low, I throw on my old classic "Bebo Norman" Pandora station. Mully is currently listening to his brother Minno cry because he's hungry and wants food.

  • favorite food + treats

    Pasta, pasta, pasta! Need I say more? That and my Gram's famous Venison Scaloppini - a recipe she created when she and my Papa first moved here because she couldn't find veal - it'll change your life. A few of Mully's favs include cheese, peanut butter bones, any kind of scraps his Dad will save for him, and of course, scrambled eggs.

  • current drink of choice

    Mully likes water and ice cubes, but will be thrilled to lick the last bit of milk at the bottom of a cereal bowl. My drink of choice will always be coffee, or a good iced tea. Currently, a few of my favs are the Peach Mango Iced from Moose Jackson, Blueberry Latte from Edelweiss, or the hot Tumeric tea from Contrast.

  • favorite season

    My favorite season has always been fall - the crisp air, changing leaves - life kind of starts all over again, but lately, I've been in love with long summer nights on the water. Mully's favorite season is hands down summer - he is a boat dog through and through - he doesn't like to swim, but he loves to ride! His favorite thing to do is to sun bathe on our front porch and people watch.

  • current inspiration

    Mully is currently inspired by his favorite toys, Eggsie the Eggplant, Chick-fil-a the Chicken, and Perry the Pineapple. My design and decor inspo has changed throughout the years, and by the look of the shop you know cozy neutrals are my vibe - definitely inspired by Liz Marie Galvan - but I've always been very eclectic, and my tastes are always changing! Right now, in the "in between winter and Spring", I'm inspired by the Sun, and anything that makes your heart feel warm.