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      Going to school in Wisconsin and Indiana, I was surrounded by corn. Here in the Yoop, we may not have as much corn as readily available, but there are still hundreds of corn fields to be found. Corn mazes and roasts are what make our autumns so great! Even if you just like to have some sweet corn with your barbecue on a warm and sunny Sunday, this towel will add just the touch your kitchen never knew it needed. 

      Qualities that make flour sack towels awesome:

      • 28 x 29 inches of absorbent (and adorably designed by Doe a Deer design) flour sack cotton 
      • Please note that since the fabric of these towels is stretchy & soft, not every towel will be the exact same size or a perfect square, and that’s the beauty of American made flour sack cotton! 
      • Comes folded and packaged with a belly band, prepared to add a warm touch to your kitchen